A YEAR (2019 edtn.)

…and what a difference it makes.

Well better get a year’s subscription’s worth of news in.

Please investigate at your leisure.

Constant Light have finally released our second album. See the video for the first single above, stream/purchase the album below!

New Automating finally dropped, and a couple of nice mentions in The Wire.

June (!?) update

Oh dear, after a fantastic string of updates (2 in a week!) last year it looks like there's only been an update biannually. Hopefully you can take some time out to investigate the following:-

A co-release with Iceage Productions (https://iceageproductions.bandcamp.com/album/shadowboxing) featuring Milica Stefanovic. Bass and sampler, all live, no overdubs!

contact via email to book shows

Lightbox Sky is the new release by Automating. Only one copy, gone. Digital available.

Automating show at the Darwin Fringe Festival on 11 July: https://www.facebook.com/events/174855173153210/

The new Automating album is finished, please get in contact if you want to assist in releasing it.

Constant Light start mixing our second album, a scant erm, seven years after the debut. There were also a couple of live shows  earlier this year (as seen above). As before, get in contact if you'd interested in assisting the release, or would like to book a show from mid-July

New Music November / December



New music!

First up, Constant Light have a free download of this

which   you   may   remember   from   previous   instances

and there is a new automating drone release


New music, for FREE

First of all, the official THEME for this years World Cup:

Secondly, the wonder 'Vexed Axis' series of compilations has a new new one out, and both Constant Light and Automating are on it!

Lastly, the Electric Sounds remix of 'Third Eye' from the Repressured cassette is a free download also

Have at it!