June (!?) update

Oh dear, after a fantastic string of updates (2 in a week!) last year it looks like there's only been an update biannually. Hopefully you can take some time out to investigate the following:-

A co-release with Iceage Productions (https://iceageproductions.bandcamp.com/album/shadowboxing) featuring Milica Stefanovic. Bass and sampler, all live, no overdubs!

contact via email to book shows

Lightbox Sky is the new release by Automating. Only one copy, gone. Digital available.

Automating show at the Darwin Fringe Festival on 11 July: https://www.facebook.com/events/174855173153210/

The new Automating album is finished, please get in contact if you want to assist in releasing it.

Constant Light start mixing our second album, a scant erm, seven years after the debut. There were also a couple of live shows  earlier this year (as seen above). As before, get in contact if you'd interested in assisting the release, or would like to book a show from mid-July

Automating - Einstellung Zwei

New release, available in archival cassette:

Thanks to Peter ( http://programs.edgeradio.org.au/sonography/2018-01-17 ), Ian ( https://www.pbsfm.org.au/node/72581 ), and Paul ( https://pbsfm.org.au/node/72629 ) for the early love on their respective radio shows!

New Music November / December



OB-A 21 Neuro Modulator

I have an audio/visual work as part of this piece, it's at the Pori Art Museum until the 25th of May. A youtube formatted version is below.

Artist Teemu Räsänen brings to the exhibition OB-A 21 Neuro Modulator -brain modulator machine,  which has been planned for psychological manipulation of the user’s mind and cognition. The device has been modified for the museal environment and carries a programme for customised affective art modulation. The device and its programming are based on the methods of cognitive psychology, NLP and suggestion. The device may only be used in the presence of museum staff. A modulation cost 5 euro / person, and there is age recommendation. 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/2516218816...