New music, for FREE

First of all, the official THEME for this years World Cup:

Secondly, the wonder 'Vexed Axis' series of compilations has a new new one out, and both Constant Light and Automating are on it!

Lastly, the Electric Sounds remix of 'Third Eye' from the Repressured cassette is a free download also

Have at it!

Automating - Repressured

New cassette release out on Patient Sounds label from Fort Collins!

PS057 - Automating - Repressured

Hailing from Australia, Sasha Margolis creates mixed media sound collage and ambient compositions as Automating. On “Repressured” we find Margolis entering a slow motion shambolic ambient haze. Clustered tones, textures and swells, rolling piano lines, ebbing across the brain frequency. These two pieces typify the kind of delicate gusto we find appealing in brain music.

edt 50 / black c22 / b&w jcard & labels

Review of Bereitschaftspotential by Vital Weekly

Some nice words here...

Sasha Margolis hails from Melbourne, Australia and offers here a highly limited 3"CDR (edition of 25 copies) of 'studio created binaural soundscapes and archaic tape based drones. Field recordings, found sound, tape manipulation, noise and effects units', which perhaps sums it all up, already. We reviewed some previous works (Vital Weekly 841, 843 and 862) and I still have not much more information than just this, so let's go straight the music, which lasts exactly twenty-one minutes, and goes from noise 'n rhythm to drone to medium sized noise walls. And one point the sound goes down a bit, and overall this quite a diverse piece of music, moving in a dynamic way from medium low to a harsh ending. It has perhaps something that one could identify as 'retro sounding': the (perhaps) low resolution samples of the casio SK-5 maybe, topped with some fine sound effects and somewhere in the end stages of the piece a meandering desolated melody. This piece is made with some great care and consideration. Someone who knows what works and what not. I wouldn't have minded some more music by Automating, whose previous releases already gave me much pleasure. (FdW)

Listen to an excerpt in the podcast below before it disappears, or click on this to stream/download/buy the whole thing from Iceage Productions


Walk That Sound von Lukatoyboy (Ursendung) - Radio Broadcast

A rather excellent part of the recent CTM Festival in Berlin was the Walk That Sound installation by Lukatoyboy which I was fortunate enough to be a part of. You can hear a special radio edit at 23.05 GMT 13/02/2014 (00.05 CET 14/02/2014) here on Deutschlandradiokultur.

More information:


OB-A 21 Neuro Modulator

I have an audio/visual work as part of this piece, it's at the Pori Art Museum until the 25th of May. A youtube formatted version is below.

Artist Teemu Räsänen brings to the exhibition OB-A 21 Neuro Modulator -brain modulator machine,  which has been planned for psychological manipulation of the user’s mind and cognition. The device has been modified for the museal environment and carries a programme for customised affective art modulation. The device and its programming are based on the methods of cognitive psychology, NLP and suggestion. The device may only be used in the presence of museum staff. A modulation cost 5 euro / person, and there is age recommendation.